Asif Raza

Asif Raza was born in Amaravati (India) and, after his parents’ migration to Pakistan, raised in Lyallpur (Faisalabad) Pakistan.  After securing my master’s in Sociology from the University of Agriculture, Lyallpur, and teaching for a number of years there, he went to America in 1975 on an American fellowship for Ph. D. at the University of Missouri, Columbia. Raza taught at the University of Missouri and Northern Illinois University, Dekalband then retired as a professor from a senior college in Texas in 2015.He assumed American citizenship during that period. Currently, he lives in Tyler, Texas. His poems have been published in several literary journals in India and Pakistan and in America in the journal The Annual Studies of Urdu, University of Wisconsin). He has authored three collections of poems: Bujhe Rangon ki Raunaq (Splendor of Faded colors), Tanhai ke Tehwar (Festivals of Solitude)and Aaeene Ke Zindani (Captives of the Mirror) which was published in two editions, the first one in Delhi, India (under the supervision of Shamsur Rahman Faruqi, who also wrote its foreword) and the other in Karachi, Pakistan.