George Mario Angel Quintero

George Mario Angel Quintero, the son of Colombian parents, was born in 1964 in San Francisco, California, where he spent his first 30 years. He studied literature at the University of California and was later awarded a Wallace Stegner Fellowship in Fiction from Stanford University. He has published fiction, poetry, and essays in English as George Angel in literary magazines and the chapbook Globo (1996), and received the Nilon Award from Fiction Collective 2 for his book The Fifth Season (1996). He has since published a book of new and selected poems written in English, On the Voice (2016). Since 1995, he has lived in Medellin, Colombia, where, under the name Mario Angel Quintero, he has published the Spanish poetry collections Mapa de lo claro (A Map of What is Clear; 1996),  Muestra (Sample; 1998), Tentenelaire (2006), El desvanecimiento del alma en camino al limbo (The Soul’s Dwindling as It Makes Its Way Toward Limbo; 2009), Keselazboga (2014), and Mapa de las palabras (Map of words; 2014), as well as three books of plays in Spanish, Cómo morir en un solar ajeno (How to Die in Someone Else’s Yard; 2009) , La sabiduría de los limones (The Lemons’ Wisdom; 2013), and Calamidad Doméstica (Act of God; 2016). His visual art has been exhibited and published and he has also illustrated books. Since 2003, he has worked as director and playwright of the theatre company Párpado Teatro. He makes music with the groups Underflavour and Sell the Elephant. He has also translated a significant amount of world poetry from English to Spanish under the pseudonym G. Leogena.