Jenny Lewis

Jenny Lewis trained as a painter at the Ruskin School of Art before reading English at Oxford University. She is a poet, playwright and songwriter specialising in cross-arts collaborations of poetry, music, dance and visual art.  She has published three collections of poetry When I Became an Amazon (Iron Press, 1996/ Bilingua, Russia 2002) Fathom and Taking Mesopotamia (Oxford Poets/ Carcanet 2007/ 2014) and two chapbooks of poetry in English and Arabic with the Iraqi poet, Adnan Al-Sayegh — Now as Then: Mesopotamia-Iraq (2013) and Singing for Inanna (2014) both published by Mulfran Press. She has had seven plays and poetry cycles performed at major UK theatres, including  After Gilgamesh, for Pegasus Theatre, Oxford. Her poems, reviews and articles have been published by leading journals, including The Cork Literary Review, The Financial Times, The Guardian, The Independent, Poetry London, PN Review, World Literature Today. Jenny is currently working on a new, poetic re-imagining of the Epic of Gilgamesh. She teaches poetry at Oxford University.