Manju Kak

Manju Kak is a writer, critic, scholar and artist, who, for two decades, through word, image, research or curatorial theme, has been intensely exploring some unique aspects of Himalayan life. It led her to make the documentary, They Who Walked Mountains (2002). She has edited the book Nicholas Roerich: A Quest & Legacy (2011) and curated an ethnographic exhibition titled Kashmiri Pandits, A Vintage Album: The Making of Modern India (2013). As a painter, her last show was Ranikhet State of Mind (2016). Her PhD is in the History of Art from the National Museum, New Delhi. A few of her art works are in private and public collections in India and Hong Kong. Her short stories have won acclaim. They include First Light in Colonelpura (1992), Requiem for an Unsung Revolutionary (1995) and Just One Life and Other Stories (2015).