Aurora and other poems

Aurora and other poems


Is it wonderful or horrendous
to be able to penetrate into
the thoughts of others?
Piercing into the minds,
that boggle secretly
at the sight of you.
Fearing the sense of
foreseeing your thoughts,
that might drown me in
I return back to see the skies,
pulling me like a magnetic wave
that never disappoint me.
Instead it treated me a
with a sinless creation of
mystic auras and
ribbons of happiness,
up above the sky.
I wish that I never
fell out in love with nature,
since you give me no more
than a bliss that always
filled my craving for
belongingness and companionship.


The craving to return back
to you brings me an
immense pleasure.
The shore line that
was dancing merrily according
to the tunes of serenity in the air,
had more than enough to offer.
Was it deceiving or hiding
the truth from me?
A tranquil serenity amidst
the husky and crispy
sound of waves,
there lay a world,
that was bringing my inner voice,
that no one saw or heard.
It was teasing me
with its savory twirls.
Nonetheless it took me to places,
I yearned to go.
The coast was just a miracle,
expanding to the places where,
I never set my foot,
and never choosing me
into its circles.
These waves, I tell you,
yearn for your company,
into the land of pearly pleasures.


She stood there,
determined to win
the test of time.
Existing in the era of
measurements and quantities,
she scarcely accepted,
the norms of the society.
Seconds, minutes, hours, days
and so on was counted,
but she could not move on,
until the time wheel,
present in her inner self,
made a revolution.
Unconventional, unorthodox
they thought of her, but
she could not help.
Never meant to live,
in harmony and existence of others,
others thought.
Yet, she loved people to know them.
She was not scared any longer,
to know them, but hysterical
to know them closer,
than a mere layer of skin and flesh.
Her brain was not
wired to accept,
the rules of time and quantity.
Her words were
the result of her screaming echoes,
that she was able
to hide among the other
familiar voices,
that was her blood
and next to skin.


And there it stood,
beautiful and constant,
like it never wanted to end.
It rose every single time,
only to turn into a crescent,
that delightfully got vanished
into thin air, with the mystic aura.
Never wanted it to fade,
the sky cradled it,
amongst the other shiners,
that it be its eldest child,
accentuating the mother sky's womb
and its starry siblings.

How wonderful it is to reminisce the things that you taught me!
To wear your blemishes like a brave scar showing the world who you are,
To rise back from time and again after every single night of cry,
To keep wanting the waves of the sea as its love entangles into eternal time cycles,
To put talking about distance to shame while being cradled by the skies that united you and me!
To give companionship to those lonely wolves that cry at night, yearning for a soulmate,
I thank you for being there with me, all through my life, from birth to death!
Oh boy! What would I do if you weren’t there to remind me of your crescent-full beauty whilst your
better half rises and shine during the day! I will love you always!
Your sincerely
Someone who searches the moon in those eyes!


I yearn for solitude,
far across the distance,
so that I could be myself,
amidst the beauty of isolation.
Maybe nothing
from the beginning,
is much better than
something from middle,
that goes away amidst.
Craving for loneliness,
is peaceful before knowing,
that there is someone,
out there, looking for you,
without your knowledge.
Alas, in your silence,
there lay a mystic qualm
on a bed of cold vibes and strangeness.

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