Two poems by Amrita Ghosh under Parnassus: Poetry, curated by Siddhartha Gigoo


I gaze at the chiaroscuro pattern
white, grey, black
shadowy curvatures
luring pasts, dead.
A black ant crawls over it
marking the territory,
spanning the surface.
Fearless, mocking
creviced surfaces.
Black eyes, beaming
question the futility of it all.
Between the opening and closing 
of the window
There lies a choice. 


Are You Connected?
The router silently works through the night
Connects to another world —
Call of virtual reality, when reality scares!
I sit and wait,
galore of chat rooms speed past
Fragmented identities,
Life on a different mode here.
Black fonts dance on the screen,
Waiting to be heard. I switch
To another site, on Vedic astrology.
The World Wide Web knows it all,
The secrets of destiny and human heart
Time frozen, diffused
a paralytic hypnosis.
This web, entangled
grasps me
Stuck in its abyss
I grope amidst dream and reality.

Dallas Diary

The unsure Dallas sun
lurks at the window
on this cold Saturday afternoon.
We sit with
uncertainty hanging on the walls 
like that tilted Chinese painting
on the opposite wall
I know,
you want to say something.
You ask
“Shall we have coffee?”
I observe our jaded shadows
stalking us. 

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