Love and other poems

Love and other poems

10 poems by Turkish poet and fiction writer Müesser Yeniay under World Poetry/Prose Portfolio, curated by Sudeep Sen. Translated from the Turkish by Müesser Yeniay


I have another body
               of me

they call it

[but this is pain]

if I had carried you in my body
only then I would have felt your existence 
                                       this much


All the lines of my body
                  are awakening

Like a grape
     I am full, I am black

if you don’t have a man
                  to love you

make men from your hands

[because they all
like the bridges 
                reach to your body
                                and falling down]



Silence becomes word
drop by drop

I am a woman, a poet
in this nothingness 
that batters my body

the egg that leaves my womb
every month
has a legend
in my body

it has a trace

my womenhood
my Achilles toe

my dog that barks every month

                          a man can’t be a poet
                          a man can be a pen for a poet

Permanent Talk with the Beloved

I opened myself to you
like the teeth of 
                     a zip

one by one
I am broken in half

when you touched me
I watched the glory
                      of the earth

[in your hands 
there are little 
              flying fairies]

you saw that sweet 
emptiness in me

my body
like snow melting
              blended with your body


God set borders
between you and me

you can’t pass behind that line
just before this line is yours

and he put a binocular made of flesh for your body
and for mine a little cave 

he had separated us
with a sharp knife

your seed was left in me
my peel was left in you

now that God dissociated us
why is he trying to unify again 
by setting fire of desire 
                          at our feet

The Phenomenology of Writing

Now you are 
        an empty page 

          — maybe —
                because of lust

just me not ready
— your call is on my mind for quite a while — 

call me call me
the flow of ink

            is a remedy
for my wounds

The Flood

Human gets used to everything
Even the knife stuck on his belly
Those minutes stinging like the broken piece of a glass

Longing is a wild animal on me
For days I have been trying to survive
among his claws

This order tired me 
This machismo
I wish a flood came and took everything 

I wish just the beloved stayed
And his glances that perched on me 
                                                like butterflies 

This World is a Man

I am a woman
like this huge earth
                          I am treeless

                   maybe I am living 
                   I am under earth
                   I am upside-down

I am breathing
not so that I stay in this world more

sometimes I go to a man
                  — to a nothingness —

this world is a man
strong, coward, cheater


Either a spear
or a man 
               enters my body

it doesn’t make any difference any more

                     Can cotton carry iron?

go, flow before me
like a raving flood 

being human is hard
but manhood is the most miserable...


           beat my window

like your image 
           beating my mind
                          in repeat

                       with all the coldness
                                       of seperation
I watched it snow

Your curing body 
is away from me

I am all covered with you
like this white layer which coats the earth

love me 
            as much as your heart suffices...

         blow the knot of my soul
         with your sweet breath

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