About Us

The Punch Magazine’s endeavour is to create a platform that belongs to everyone and build an ecosystem where people from diverse backgrounds can come together to express ideas and get involved individually, showcasing their areas of specialisation. Irrespective of who you are and where you come from, The Punch belongs to you.

The magazine has been conceived as a collective, a community bound by similar interests. It aims to showcase best features on arts, literature, entertainment, fashion, lifestyle, hospitality, travel, tourism, business and start-ups. Striving to achieve exacting standards of excellence, the magazine brings together the best of all creative efforts.

Alongside original long-form and quick-read content (exclusive excerpts, interviews and essays), it is designed to showcase the best writings, videos and voices — emerging, established and experimental — from across the globe through a wide network of our literary and cultural partners, both individuals and institutions.

The Byword, one of the sections of The Punch Magazine — earlier a quarterly magazine of literature, arts and culture, both in print and online — was started in 2015. It aims to chronicle and conserve the evolution of literary and cultural traditions in India and the rest of the world. In the age of shrinking spaces for arts and culture, The Byword seeks to engage, inform and entertain. Looking at the growing space and need for children’s books, we have also included literature for children as one of the sections. In a short span of time, The Byword has earned praise from writers and artists, both in India and abroad. The Punch Magazine, the revamped avatar of The Byword, will strive to pack more substance.