Lisa Ray

A life-long covert writer, Lisa Ray has had a long and serendipitous career in the entertainment arts spanning multiple countries and film (Oscar-nominated Water) television (Top Chef Canada), theatre (Taj co-starring Kabir Bedi) and modelling. Her entrepreneurial activities include starting her own yoga studio and a line of ethical perfume. When diagnosed with a rare blood cancer in 2009, she choose to publicly share her experiences in a blog called ‘The Yellow Diaries’ which led to her first book commissioned by HarperCollins, to be published in 2018. She has become a high profile advocate for Cancer awareness through public talks and writing. Her poetry explores themes derived from an  identity-bending, nomadic experiences, the culmination of a life of no fixed address. She is currently working on a memoir for HarperCollins and in 2017 completed work on a project for AR Rahman.