About Us

The Punch Magazine is an initiative by Punch Art and Culture Foundation that endeavours to promote arts and literary and cultural traditions around the world. It was founded by Shireen Quadri, who is the director of the foundation. A monthly digital magazine of arts, literature and culture, The Punch Magazine features in-depth essays, reviews and interviews.

The magazine has been conceived as a collective, a community of people bound by similar interests. It aims to showcase the best in arts, literature, entertainment, fashion, lifestyle, hospitality, travel and tourism. Striving to achieve exacting standards of excellence, the magazine brings together the best of all creative efforts, underlining its core belief that these efforts are all connected and the process of creating good arts is similar across disciplines.

Alongside original long-form and quick-read content (exclusive excerpts, interviews and essays), it is designed to showcase the best writings, videos and voices — emerging, established and experimental — from across the globe through a wide network of our literary and cultural partners, both individuals and institutions.

The Byword, one of the sections of The Punch Magazine — earlier a quarterly magazine of literature, arts and culture, both in print and online — was started in 2015. It was reinvented in 2016 as The Punch Magazine. Since then, it has emerged as a one-of-its-kind platform that showcases the richness and diversity of arts and literature around the world. It has earned high praise from a cross-section of award-winning writers and artists. In the age of shrinking space for arts and culture, and increasingly shorter attention span, we often sail against the wind, but our conviction and passion are our best guides and help us keep going. At The Punch Magazine, we are forever looking for fresh ideas to reinvent ourselves, and stories of people, places and things that need to be told. If you believe in the magazine, you, too, can be a part of our journey — no matter who you are and where you are from.