The Punch Contributors Community is an attempt to build a network of students, youngsters, aspiring and established writers & artists and other professionals in related fields and publish works from the repository of talents. The published works will be archived. Contributors from the community will enjoy special privileges, including invitations to our events. We will try to facilitate an interface between our contributors, where they will get to connect and exchange ideas.

We seek contributions under following categories:

ARTICLES: If you have written an essay, fiction, non-fiction or poetry, or have interviewed a writer or an artist, and have been wondering what to do with it, send them to us. If you have photos along with them, do send them too.

REVIEWS: If you have an opinion about anything exciting that you stumble upon and that catches your fancy, share with us. Reviews could be of a book, a beauty product, a gadget, a home décor item, a restaurant, a hotel, a designer boutique, a musical or theatrical performance, a song or a movie. If you can supplement your reviews with photos, nothing like it.

PHOTOS: Been to a party or threw one? Attended that scintillating event that floored everyone? From book photography to a place you recently visited or a food joint where you had lunch or dinner or a café where you had your last cuppa, a product launch, a book launch, a musical concert, a play or a fashion show that you attended or hotels and forts, beaches and mountains, forests or bird sanctuaries, stores and boutiques, exhibitions and art galleries that you recently visited, or anything else that’s visually stunning and worth a thousand words, share them with us.

VIDEOS: Same as the category for PHOTOS. The video duration should not exceed five minutes.

Send your contributions here: connect@thepunchmagazine.com. Contributions will not be paid, but please ensure they’re original. Your entries must be accompanied with your photo and a brief bio. The best contributions will get published with due credit and bio of the contributor.


The Punch Magazine accepts submissions in Fiction, Non-Fiction, Essay, Photo Essay, Poetry and Interview categories throughout the year. Please submit in only one category at a time. We prefer to publish only original material: please do not submit a piece that has already appeared on the web or elsewhere in print. We give preference to pieces between 1,000-2,000 words. For poetry, please submit at least five poems. In-depth interviews could be anywhere between 2,500-3,000 words. Please include a cover letter with your brief bio. Due to the volume of submissions we receive, we are unable to respond to each submission. You will hear from us within a fortnight if we decide to publish your work. Simultaneous submissions are welcome, but please notify us if your piece is selected elsewhere. Send your submissions to: submission@thepunchmagazine.com


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Come as you are, join the team as it’s one of your own. Share the camaraderie, revel in the free flow of creative vibes.

Be on the same wavelength as hundreds and thousands across the world with shared values and ideas are, creating synergy through connections.

The team is looking for people who are compassionate, kind, enthusiastic, affable and willing to work and learn.

If you are a writer, editor, proofreader, photographer, videographer, video editor, designer, digital marketing specialist or have expertise in other related fields and are willing to be a part of the collective journey, send an email to connect@thepunchmagazine.com, telling us about your interests and background.

The voluntary works will not be paid, but through this we provide an opportunity to students and young professionals to help grow professionally and build their resume. Volunteers will be encouraged to choose their areas of interest and also get an opportunity to do celebrity/author/artist interviews, write articles, cover parties and other events, do food/film/theatre/music reviews and more. As a volunteer, you will also receive free exclusive content and get access to our archive.


We are on a mission to celebrate diversity of creative expressions with as wide a readership as possible.

If you are an author, an artist, an actor, a publisher, an art gallery, a start-up, a hotel, a chef, an entrepreneur, an illustrator, a dancer, a photographer, a singer, a designer or work in other related fields, we will feature you here, in style and substance.

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