Ashwika Kapur

Ashwika Kapur is a qualified science communicator and natural history Filmmaker. She is also India's youngest and only woman to win a Green Oscar in a Global Category. The Green Oscar or Panda Award is considered the top achievement in wildlife and scientific filmmaking, awarded in the United Kingdom every two years to the best environmental filmmakers worldwide. Ashwika's work has also been nominated for many other recognitions, including the Grand Teton Award in Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival USA & Vatavaran in New Delhi. Ashwika is also British Council Charles Wallace Scholar & Awardee,  Young Achiever of the Year for the Indo-British Scholars Association and holds a Post Graduate Degree with Distinction in Science Communication from the University of Otago. She also received a Governors felicitation and the 'Save the Tiger Award'  in West Bengal two years in a row 2016-17. Ashwika’s career as a storyteller has so far taken her to live and work in several parts of the world, including South Africa, Kenya, Borneo, New Zealand, UK and India. Ashwika has experience with several Natural History companies like the BBC NHU, NHNZ, Silverback films and Plimsoll. She has been a part of Humble Bee Films, UK for the last 2 years, representing them in India. Ashwika recently presented a six-part Nature series for the Discovery Network, India. She is currently Directing a Series on the Sundarbans Biosphere as well as working on one of Sir David Attenborough’s upcoming wildlife programmes. Apart from filmmaking, Ashwika is also a writer, a lecturer and public speaker.