Not All For Love and other poems

Not All For Love and other poems
Not All for Love

The sound of the unpicking of a lock
Makes silence. 
Resume the dark,
Relume the light;
Leave the pillow of everyday
Where time sleeps every night
And you,
Only at intervals.

Move away the parchments
Of love’s casuistry 
That waive at the wind by day
Like spiders’ webs, 
And by night fall into sleeplessness. 

Go relume the dark,
Resume the light;
Go reclaim yourself
For love.

Anniversary of Light

You lie across me
Like the shadow of my light
And like the invisible voice of the milkyway
Your voice
Absorbs my saying.
What am I then,
Save a lonely pilgrim
Misted by the dust of light
On the orbit of Pluto?

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