Ten Short Poems

Ten Short Poems
1. My lover, the summer, one day stood 
where I was.
I was ready.

2. There was dust in the road —
brown dust,
and a shadow of a bird.

3. There it is, life, 
there it is.
That can never be told. 

4. There are indescribable things.
Like the movement of waves of an ocean on another planet.
Like the immovability of the soil on that other planet. 

5. Scarlet roses,
a lame dog.
Matchless light.

6. I am waiting for you in our life.
The stars and the sun 
are alternating.

7. The dark purple hyacinth was above me.
The deep of his colour, of his curved petals 
was more than I could utter. 
His was a clear superiority for which I had a presence of mind.

8. Fear is standing beside us.
A bald woman.
Holding in her handthe seed.

9. The winds, empty of a lord, 
their weight is bringing the leaves down onto the ground.
Soul of snow.

10. The fountain.
The only stay.

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