Mountains and other poems

Mountains and other poems
Gupteshwor Falls. Photo: Abhay K

I wish to lose myself
in your ancient immensity
in your torrents
in your winds.

I wish to merge with you
to soak up the light
to hide in your green depths
to be your breath.

I wish to stand with you
let your rocks be my strength
let your brooks be my fall
and your peaks be my rise.

The Himalayas

Steep mountains
highlands of glacial ice
floating in space

serpentine incisions
rock-clots splattered
on fossils of glass.


I am the white goddess
a sparkling diamond

I allure strangers 
ever thirsty to conquer me

My icy embrace
awaits them

to slip, to tumble,
to fall into me.


The massive tail of a fish
buried in the Tethys

A rocky fossil?
A God’s jet
that crashed into the sea.

Green Gorge

Ridges hanging
like the folded skin of an old woman

an Egyptian vulture longs for me
Every day is Armageddon

and I have only my old shields
A red river swims out of me.


Dark clouds hover
wanting to touch me
Stony paramours stand guard
but I am indifferent, a yogini
Hear my rippled silence
Stone silhouettes stare down
lanky shadows cast along my curvaceous body
Boats with their desires float on me
boisterous passengers
hungry for a piece of me.

Gupteshwor Falls

In a mirror of darkness
Love’s primordial sounds
Dark flames flicker in my depths
divinity disappears
A museum of memories
grows in me.


Be quiet here
our forefathers inhabit this land

Bow down to these venerable trees
we owe our lives to them.

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